Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SSMS and Deleting all records from a self referencing table

Clearing all data from a self referencing table using SSMS can be tricky. Selecting all records in SSMS results grid and pressing DEL just won't work in many times.

Take the common example of Employee - Manager relationship:

If you try using SSMS results grid to delete all records, you may get this error:

No rows were deleted.

A problem occurred attempting to delete row 1.
Error Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider.
Error Message: The DELETE statement conflicted with the SAME TABLE REFERENCE constraint "FK_Employee_Employee". The conflict occurred in database "test", table "dbo.Employee", column 'ManagerId'.

The statement has been terminated.

Using the Query window and running:
DELETE employee
Will work however.

The difference is that SSMS actually tries to delete row by row, which will violate the constraint. But when using a query to delete all records. SQL Serve is smart enough to clear all data.


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