Friday, January 7, 2011

Failed to extract the cab file in the solution error in SharePoint

When deploying SharePoint solutions, you may encounter an error message like:
Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.
(FYI, the wsp solution file is a cab file. just try to rename *.wsp to *.cab)
There are two reasons that I found causing this kind of error:
  1. Having some special characters in files names in the solution, in my case it was "(" and ")".
  2. Having two DLLs with the same name even if one is in the GAC folder and the other in bin folder, this happened in my case by mistake, but it's good to know anyway.
Have a nice deployment, without uninformative error messages.


Hells_Dark said...

It can also be tempory files.
Search "~" inside the solution folder and delete them.

bex said...

Thanks for this, my issue was it was already in the GAC, but this is very annoying since when I deploy to other servers it won't be so I'll have to add/remove the files from deployment depending on what I'm doing

Anonymous said...

I am facing the same error while deploying the WSP on QA but it got deployed successfully on dev and test.Couldnt able to find the reason.
@bex: Do you find any alternative solution for this.