Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another reason for “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” error

Today, I had trouble with SharePoint server. Each time I open the main page I get the error page (500-internal server error). This error occurred in an environment that worked fine for months. But suffered an accidental electricity cut off.

When I looked in the event log, I realized that SharePoint cannot connect to SQL Server configuration database (which existed on another server) the error details contained the famous error:
“Cannot Generate SSPI Context”
I tried to ping the server, flush DNS, connected to SQL Server using SQL authentication, restarted some services and machines, just to get the same error.

Searching Google led me to a good article: Troubleshooting Cannot Generate SSPI Context Errors , which is really good, but I still did not find the solution.

Finally, after consulting an infrastructure engineer, he suggested to check that the net logon service is running on the domain controller. I checked in and I found that it was paused. After running it, everything went well.

So, the next time you get “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” when connecting to SQL Server, add this check to the list of checks you do, and good luck.

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