Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Promoted to Lead Software Engineer

On Sunday, March, 2, 2008, I was promoted, to be the first Lead Software Engineer in ITWorx. the new position is an extension to the technical career path inside the company.

As the case with any promotion or move, it's a new challenge!! I can conclude my new duties as: making sure that software team I work with will do things right.

Right coding standards, practices, design, testing, etc.

I had the chance to be promoted to the position of Technical Architect, but seems that I still keep a lot of love for code, for the ambition of young fellow developers, for their need to explore and get guidance. I still want to be close to the day to day software building activities.I pray to God to help me to fulfill my new responsibilities. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS for the new position ! =)

I'm sure you'll fulfill your new responsibilities perfectly.

Hesham A. Amin said...

Thanks Kareem :)
Good luck with your studies.