Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why should you learn PowerShell?

Whether you are a software developer, a tester, a system administrator, or even a regular user, PowerShell has something for you to offer.

It's amazing capabilities open many possibilities for you and it can be used in several scenarios:
  • For system administrators: quick and easy way to deal with the system in a consistent way. You'll have the power of many built-in commands, the .net CLR. Using it, you can perform several tasks like managing the file system and permissions, monitor even log, work with Active Directory. And so much more.
  • As a Developer: you can use PowerShell commands to automate some systems like exchange server from your application. Most Microsoft server products support or will support PowerShell as a programmable interface to automate the product. You can also use it to check environment issues if you have a production or testing environment issues that you suspect it's root cause to be environment related.
  • As a tester: PowerShell can be used for testing automation. With its easy to use commands and the simple syntax, I believe it's very suitable for this purpose. Have a look at: Why Should I Test With PowerShell?

If you want to get a high level image about what PowerShell can do for you and the flexibility it provides, you can watch this video by Jeffrey Snover the architect of PowerShell:

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